Katie’s Little List


I am a 40-something, Jesus loving, Gifted and Talented teaching wife and mama to two young girls. Spare time is a distant memory, and I am always trying to find ways I can organize my life so that I am not a frantic mess. I haven’t found the magical solution to solving my over-tired time management issues, but I hope you can find a gem or two in the weeds of these little lists. The premise of this site comes from a statistic that the average reader spends 37 seconds reading through a blog. With as much content as exists on the internet, that number seems strikingly low to me. It also tells me that I need to capture my readers’ attention as fast as possible! At Katie’s Little List, I strive to offer you a quick view to a useful list and if you want to know more, keep reading. If you are satisfied with the short answer, thanks for stopping by. I hope this helps bring a sense of peace and productivity to anyone who feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day and there are too many baby socks that need to be folded.